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An Interview with Equine Photographer Carien Schippers 

Carien Schippers has been photographing professionally since 1976. She has an AAS degree from SUNY Cobleskill in Animal Husbandry and a two-year certificate from the New England School of Photography. For many years she was primarily an event and farm photographer, more recently she has been developing an extensive stock archive of equine images for publication as well as a fine art print site at The photos from this collection have been exhibited in galleries all over the Northeast and have placed well in numerous juried art competitions.

As a lifetime student of the horse she excels in capturing the spirit and beauty of the equine and is in constant pursuit of finding fresh, unique and creative perspectives of her subject. She is a keen observer and able to capture the subtle nuances of horse and herd behavior, giving her a highly recognizable style of work that has been widely published in a variety of magazines, calendars, books and catalogs.

Drifting Herd

Drifting Herd


Carien has several websites you can visit

Her Website

Her Personal Profile Facebook

Her Business Page on Facebook

Her Website for the Horse Drive

Her Blog

The Equine Photographers Network Website

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  • Host: Peter DeMott
  • Host: Gigi Embrechts
  • Our Guest: Carien Schippers and her life growing up with horses.
  • The Equine Photographers Network.
  • Some go pro too soon.
  • All the work associated with actual photography business.
  • Shoot what’s in your back yard to get started.
  • Work your way up from local 4H shows in your area.
  • Choosing the work. Don’t do things that you are not confident about yet.
  • Being versatile, stock, horse shows, portraits – learn as much as you can.
  • Invest in your gear and your education.
  • Look at other people’s work.
  • Put your ego aside and put your work out there to learn.
  • Susan Sexton said, “you can not be emotionally attached to your photographs”.
  • Experiment and find your own style, don’t just follow the latest trend.
  • Where her income comes from.
  • EPnet, Portraits, Shows, Editorial work etc.
  • The business worked well around raising her children.
  • Her opinion is that nailing down to a very specific niche is not the best plan.
  • Learning breed specific standards. Look at websites and magazines to see what is expected. Learn them all.
  • Basics of Equine Photography online workshop available every year.
  • Learning about horses too – not just about photography.
  • Most equine photographers are women because they love horses.
  • A digital camera does not make you a professional photographer.
  • Dealing with people and people skills are also important.
  • Men come to equine photography through their daughters and wives more often.
  • Cost of doing business and EPnet to help people really make a go of equine photography as a business.
  • Learn as much as you can about the BUSINESS of photography before taking the leap.
  • Online courses and in person workshops through EPnet.
  • Don’t be too distracted and focus too much on the people who don’t want to learn the business.
  • Her equipment Nikon D3s. Rough on gear. Great in low light situations.
  • 80-200mm lens is the go to lens for equine photographers. 300mm f2.8 is my favorite.
  • Don’t use wide angled lenses on horses. Stay at 135-300mm for horses. Playing with wide-angle for fun stuff.
  • Some use wide angle when they get low and shoot up for more impact.
  • Getting used to standing back from the horse to maintain the true proportions of the horse.
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