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As I listen to various podcasts about building a business it is interesting the vast variety of what can work for the vast variety of types of people and personalities that are out there. I can see as we continue with these interviews of successful equine photographers that there is a vast variety of ways of running an equine photography business.

The Equine Photographers Niche’

There are many who don’t even know that there is such a niche’ as someone who makes a living on photographing horses. But, within this niche’ we are also finding there is a vast variety of ways to make it work. We hope you will enjoy as we continue to explore and share the journeys of the photographers we interview on The Equine Photographers Podcast.

Which business model fits you?

As we produce these podcasts, we are seeing that each photographer we interview has a different business model for their equine photography business. By listening to these, you can do two things. First, you can find examples of business models that may fit your personality and interests and for which you can use the ideas to put together a framework for a working business, a business plan.

Second, if you are already up and running as a photography business, you can expand by learning new methods either of production of viable products for your customers, or of better ways to reach more of your idea clients.

Fixing your Equine Photography Business

You can also learn how to scale your business. Scaling your business means finding ways to eliminate the bottle necks so that you can better serve more clients and still have time for family and friends.


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