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We are excited that our website is up and running

There are three podcasts online on the website, but as of today 9/16/15 we are still not online with iTunes yet. It’s more complicated than we thought.

Our plan going forward is to get online with iTunes, then post a couple more of the podcasts that we have ready to go. Right now, our plan is to do two podcasts per month. We’d love to have your input and feedback for both who you think we should interview and about anything you would like us to do differently in the podcasts themselves.

Here is what our iTunes “cover image” will look like on iTunes:


We hope you will find us on iTunes (shortly) and Subscribe to our podcast there so that each time we add another episode, you will be automatically updated on your computer or cell phone.

Gigi and I have found that the conversations we have had with equine photographers have been frank and also inspiring. With each podcast Gigi and I talk with amazement about all that we are learning talking to these wonderful people. Now you to can learn right along with us as you listen to these diverse and interesting equine photographers.

For me photography and the business of photography and the business of equine photography are all lifelong learning experiences. Today, things change rapidly and if you are not prepared to continue to learn you will become one of those photographers with lots of complaining about how things used to be. But, if you are willing to be innovative and willing to always learn something new, you will gain some great ideas from these podcasts as we have.

Please tell us what you think. Leave comments at the bottom of the podcast pages or click on our contact page and send us a note. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Peter and Gigi.

We are also now live on iTunes here:

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!