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Our goal for this podcast is that the information will be of value to YOU!

The fun and exciting thing is that we already know that it will be because we are already getting so much from each of the people we interview. We get to hear it first before it gets converted into a podcast for you.

After each episode Gigi and I chat for a bit about what we learned. What are the key points that we each heard during the interview? Each time we share something that may change something big or small in the way we do the business of equine photography. We share things that could have big impacts on how successful we each become in our specific niche’ within equine photography.

In creating this podcast, we have been listening to a lot of other podcasts

We have been using Podcasts for our personal development. We have been listening and learning and sharing podcasts for each other to listen to with the goal that we can put together a great podcast for you.

We have been listening to podcasts about podcasting and at the same time podcasting is exploding in popularity. The availability and diversity of subjects covered in podcast is incredible.

Now, I am broadening my listening to learn and grow as a person and a business person, not just as a podcaster.

Improve your life with podcasts

I would encourage you to look at podcasts with topics that are of interest to you. You can listen and learn and grow when you are shoveling manure, riding on trail alone, or post processing your most recent photography shoot.

Just go to iTunes and click on PODCASTS and do some searches on subjects that interest you. Or you can browse through the hundreds of new podcasts that are starting up each week.

I am so excited about some of the interviews that are in the hopper for you to listen to here at The Equine Photographers Podcast. Some of these interviews could be life changing. Others will have just one or two ideas that you’ve never heard that will bring more customers and profits to your business.

Please SHARE, PIN, LINK, EMAIL, this website and podcast to your horsey photographer friends and encourage them to explore podcasting to learn and grow.

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Apple shares about the value of podcasts

Here are some that I have been trying out:

Edit your life show

8 Minute Millionaire with Justin and Tara Williams

Full Time Photographer with Josh Rossi

The Lively Show

The Show Runner

Add a couple that you have listened to with a comment below. I’d really love to find some more gems.

Thanks Peter


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