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Welcome to the Equine Photographers Podcast website. We are so glad you are here, and it is our mission to help you with your equine photography in every way we can.  But first, we would like share with you how this podcast came about.

Why a Podcast?

I discovered podcasts when I lived in Belgium. I guess I enjoyed listening to them to make me feel a bit closer to people since the country I was living in spoke a different language and I needed to hear those great American voices.

I used podcasts as a way to not only learn more about photography, but to help me feel like I was accomplishing something while doing routine mindless jobs and activities like doing dishes, cleaning the barn, working in my garden and fixing dinner. I could do all these tasks in my sleep, so they did not take any concentration. I turned to podcasts to double up on my learning or entertainment.

After a few years of consuming podcasts primarily about photography and business, I thought to myself that if someone was starting out wanting to be a equine photographer was there a podcast they could listen to?  I went on a search. The only podcast that came close was Horse Network Radio but that was more about horse education and training rather than about learning to be an equine photographer. So I thought to myself, could I start a podcast about equine photography?

Who is interested in learning about the business of Equine Photography?

Well, my first step would be to find out if there was any interest at all about listening to a equine photography podcast. I went to Facebook to the Equine Photographers Network chat page, and just asked if anyone would listen to a podcast about equine photography?  The response was amazing. Some said yes they would love it, and others asked about podcasts in general as they had not heard about podcasts before.  This was just 6 months ago and podcasting is taking off in popularity (instant, on-demand audio learning and inspiration) throughout the world.

Sharing the work load & two heads are better than one

After that, I got an interesting response from Peter DeMott. He said he had the same thought about starting a podcast about equine photography as well and wondered if I would be interested in partnering up to share the burden and divide the work. We could keep in touch through Skype which is how we would interview our guests as well. With me in Colorado or Belgium, and him it South West Ohio, we thought through the idea.

Hmm, this could be a good idea. I was a bit overwhelmed with all the tasks that were needed to run a podcast, and if I had someone else on board the chances of getting it done would increase. So Peter and I set up a Skype call and the Equine Photographers Podcast was born.


Peter and I each bring different skills. He of course has that great radio voice (which is why I thought it better to let him be the main host), and I bring the beginner’s questions because I can still remember starting on the equine photography road of learning myself and know what questions a beginner would like us to ask our guests.

The format of our podcast

We discussed the format. We thought the best way to run the podcast was to interview accomplished professional equine photographers from all over the world, and to discuss how they got started along with how they run their business within their defined area of specialization, even within equine photography.  We also wanted to concentrate on the business aspects of equine photography along with discussing how these photographers got where they are today.

Our listeners can gain understanding about the different business models within the specialized niches in equine photography and be inspired by the stories of the photographers we interview. Others have provided a lot of information about learning photography in general, so we did not want to reinvent that wheel.

For those who want to make a business of equine photography one day, we want to help them learn the best ways to make there business successful. For the professional equine photographers already building their businesses, we feel that there is always more to learn. There is a wide diversity of types of equine photography, and when the industry has competent and successful businesses, it helps all of our businesses to earn the respect of current and future clients.

The Challenges of starting a podcast

It has been a big learning curve for Peter and me because we discovered a lot more goes into producing a podcast than either of us had expected.  As we started booking and recording the first interviews, we both realized the value this would have for our listeners. We both were learning a great deal from each of our interviews and so we knew the listeners would also.

We hope you will subscribe & spread the news

We are launching our first interviews and we hope you will subscribe in iTunes, Stitcher, or whereever you listen to podcasts. Download the episodes to your cell phone and send links to other photographers that you know.

Please know that we are just at the beginning of what we have planned for this podcast. We are going through the learning phase of talking live and becoming better interviewers. It is a skill that will take some time no doubt, but we feel that you will enjoy the in-depth knowledge that our guests are providing even if we are a little rough around the edges for now.

You can listen while you drive, as you are working on post processing images from a recent shoot, or while you are picking out horse stalls. No need to be stuck to your computer to learn from podcasts.

We thank the professional equine photographers throughout the world for their candor

We, of course, want to thank our guests who were open to being interviewed on our first couple of episodes and who so generously share their stories, their knowledge and business advice with you, our listeners and subscribers. We appreciate their “pay it forward” attitude and could not provide this learning without their openness.

Welcome, and we hope you find this podcast as interesting and inspiring as we do.

Gigi Embrechts & Peter DeMott

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