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I ran across Anette in the Facebook Group called “Horse Photo Critique”

The group is for people wanting to improve their equine images, not a place to share the latest snapshot of your horse. Some people get it, but sometimes people put up images of their horse snapped on a cell phone and become upset when someone explains how the images could be improved. They will say, “why, it’s my horse and I love him and I think it is a great image.”  But, it’s not. The exposure is wrong, the horse has his head in the grass, there are broken fences and garbage piles in the background and so on.

There are of course those who understand the purpose of the group and who follow the rules. They post their image with all the details about the image and ask, “How can I improve this image?”  If you want to improve your equine photography, find this Facebook Group and be teachable as Anette has been with outstanding and fast results.

One day Anette Augestad posted an image. It was wonderful. A young lady with her horse. The light was just right and there was little that could be done to improve the image. Since then Anette has been doing more and IMPROVING FAST, so I invited her to come on the Equine Photographers Podcast to share about what she was doing and where she was heading with her work.

Even now Interest in her images is expanding across the globe.







Facebook Page:

Equine photography is a hobby or side business, but she has a full-time career in another field.

Anette explains that she determines the location of the shoot. Some she shoots with models and borrowed horses.

Started with horses when she was 8 and everything in her life. Took riding lessons, dressage and show jumping.

2008 Landscape and nature photography

2012 started to build a portfolio of horses

2013 Started to build her portfolio of equine photography

Her full-time job gives her the flexibility to do what she wants

Hand picks the horses, hand picks the horses, without having the worry about the money.

Learning photography was trial and error. Tried and failed and tried again. Understands all the concepts and learned most of it before starting with horses.

Most of her activities come through her Facebook Page.

2013 first large article was published in a magazine called EquiLife. Also published late in Dressage a website in Norway.

You have a really specific hobby, her friends tell her.

Easier to create intimacy in the images with fewer subjects, the connection.

Details about her typical sessions.

Delivers about 15-20 images in low resolution. If they want prints, then they have to order through her. Most of this is through emails.

Stories of some of her sessions.

Loves to photograph the large and powerful breeds.

Setting up model sessions with horses she chooses.

A discussion of capturing the connection between the horse and rider. Discussion about her rates.

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