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Starting back up after a pause in the podcast

I hope to get onto a schedule again after a hiatus from the podcast. Hopefully everyone who has subscribed will get this new episode. Please share it and spread the news that there are going to be new episodes. I have to admit that I had a bit of a cold and that I am a bit out of practice and I jumped in without even introducing Pam. Please know that I will be trying to get back in the swing of things with interviews with people like Pam Gabriel and other photographers you admire. Thanks, Peter

I’ve enjoyed Pams work for some time and it was a pleasure to here about her journey with horses and photography.

Pam Gabriel Photography

Pam has made a point to keep horses in her life, making choices along the way to learn and grow in her knowledge and abilities working with horse adding photography as another way to stay connected to her community and to horse people and their horses. She was born with a horse bug and they have always been a love of her’s.


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Pam’s story with horses

We started out with Pam’s story with horses. Although she said she didn’t grow up with horses, it seemed to me that horses have been a big part of her life since a pretty young age and that she decided to make horses a part of her life throughout her life. After going to college majoring in art, she stopped college and went to be with horses. She wanted to see what it was like to be in the horse business. Equilibrium Horse Center was her first opportunity. She explains her journey up to now.

Pam’s start with photography

She started with photography when she was at a horse camp. Her parents gave her 4-5 rolls of film and a camera to record her experience , but when she came back only one roll had her friends and acquaintances from the camp while the other four rolls were her pictures of her new equine friends, I mean horses that is.


She started her business 7-8 years ago with Pam Kipper Photography, then got married and changed that to Pam Gabriel Photography. There are probably some pictures still floating around with Pam Kipper Photography, but mostly it has been the new name.


She still has a horse that she raised from a weanling. He is 17 years old now. She hopes to get a portrait of her with her horse some time before something happens to him.

She also loves dogs and lots of horse people have dogs, then she knew kids at the barn and that led to shooting seniors (high school grads in their last year).

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One day when I’m no longer teaching, then photography will be something that I can keep doing.

We discussed her pricing and how she views things.


We discussed marketing and how she gets the word out about her photography. In the slow months, winter in Minnesota, she shares pictures that she has taken some time back. She looks over the pictures from Sombrero Ranch shoot with EPNET and re-edits those and shares them to keep her self out there. She thought she did maybe 20 seniors this past year. Horses are spring summer and fall. She wants to do more with dogs. She can do those in the winter in her living room with studio lights inviting friends to bring their dogs for a day of shooting.

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