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Tracey Elliot-Reep has a truly unique and amazing business model that proves you can create a business that fits your spirit and personality in the equine world. How would you like to live on the edge of a reserve with wild ponies that everyone adores, then take equine trail treks across mountain trails for hundreds of miles in Spain or the Netherlands? How about riding horseback from Mexico to Canada? Then, when you get back share your adventures through books and motivational speaking opportunities throughout the world.

Her story is truly inspirational and amazing. You will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, listening to Tracy.


Show notes are sentences and phrases and words that indicate what is being discussed in the interview along with any websites and links for your further exploration.

How did you get involved with horses and photography?

Lives at Dartmoor in England. Rode the ponies as a child. Tried to get into school for art, but did not qualify.

Joined the traveling circus taking care of the horses. Somewhere along the line I picked up a camera and found that

2011 – across Greece and Italy over the Alps across norther Spain. 5 month trips.

Began her business in photography photographing for several magazines. One went bust so she started selling postcards of Dartmoor ponies. Living off 5 pounds a week for a period of time. That was 23 years ago. Now my business of calendars, greeting cards, books funds my adventures then when I come back I give talks about LIVING YOUR DREAMS. I talk about overcoming obstacles.

People are inspired to live their own dreams after hearing the struggles and overcoming which I talk about.

In the spring she had 20 talks. Working on a children’s book about Rainbow, her pony. Sells greeting cards, novelettes, calendars, children’s books, horseback travel adventure books.

Started one adventure with $100. Faith into action. Took on jobs to fund the adventure. Purchased the horses. Crossing the southern Alps. Flash floods. New Zealand. Raised money for disabled riding programs.

Ride from Mexico to Canada. Drug smugglers, snakes, mountain lions, mountains.

Her European adventure included tunnels, refugees, mountains, mountain goats, dangers of many kinds.

Riding by Faith Across Southern Europe


A gripping journey with two Greek ponies from the arid heat of Greece, across the Alps of southern Europe, to the ancient pilgrim trail of northwest Spain.

Riding by Faith Across America


A stunning photographic account of a dream becoming reality, as Tracey rode all the way from Mexico to Canada following the Rocky Mountains. An inspirational, informative and humorous taste of life in the American West, past and present.

Riding by Faith Through New Zealand


Tracey’s first big adventure started with faith, a friend and only a few pounds in her pocket. They travelled the length of the North and South Islands of New Zealand, across mountains and battled through cyclones, floods and droughts.

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