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About Me

& The Equine Photographer Podcast

The business and the challenges of successful equine photography  

I don’t know everything about photography and I don’t know everything about business and for sure I don’t know everything about every kind of equine photography business, but I love to learn and grow.

Photography and the business of equine photography can be lifelong learning opportunities for all of us. In fact with the rate that things change, if you think you know it all, you are probably “stuck” and you will soon be complaining about how awful the photography business is.

This podcast affords you the opportunity to learn new and innovative strategies that can keep you successful while others are working their way to the bottom.

  • Learn about confidence and effort
  • Learn about pricing
  • Learn about relating to your customers in ways that brings them back again and again
  • Learn about overcoming struggles
  • Learn about being persistent and also being willing to change
  • Learn about innovation and changing to meet new situations head on
  • Learn, learn, learn…

Here at The Equine Photographers Podcast that is exactly what you get to do. I ask my guests to tell us how they gained a love for horses and how they gained a love for photography and then we go on to find out how they married the two into an equine photography business.

Combining the love of horse and the love of photography

Surprising to some, it is possible to combine two loves, the love of photography and the love of horses. For some they will make it into a career, but for others it’s just about enjoying both loves together. Hearing the stories of our photographers is exciting and fun whether you want to start an equine photography business, or if you already have one, or if you just want to enjoy the two activities together.

Your Host on The Equine Photographers Podcast

Peter DeMott

Owner of Peter DeMott Photography and Open Gate Photography Studio

Germantown, Ohio

Specializing in Portraits and Equine Photography

Peter DeMott small

Peter has been around photography for a very long time starting around the age of 12 with a rangefinder 35mm camera and developing black and white film in the upstairs bathroom of his home. In Jr. High school and High School he was the school newspaper photographer and it goes on from there. Peter started in equine photography when he married his wife Patty. Patty had a horse and later started participation in the sport of Endurance Riding. Peter now has a beautiful barn studio for people portraits and does seniors, families, and business head shots along with web site illustration work. He photographs Endurance Rides on a fairly consistent basis (event photography) and visits farms and stables to craft portraits of people and the horses who love them.

“I’ve always had an interest in horses, but had never owned one. When I married Patty, I say she married a camera and I married a horse (Patty owned a horse when I married her and I had cameras and lenses). That’s been over 30 years now. One of the questions we ask in every podcast interview is which came first the camera or the horse. In my case, the camera and people photography came first, then equine photography.”

Peter’s website:

Peter’s Facebook business page:

Peter DeMott Photography

The Many Niches within the Equine Photography world

Equine photography, What’s that? Many photographers and non-photographers are at a loss when it comes to understanding there are people in the business of EQUINE PHOTOGRAPHY.

Even I have found this podcast eye opening to the variety of ways people make a living taking pictures of horses. I interview wild horse photographers, fine art photographers, breed specific photographers, horse and rider portrait photographers, horse show photographers who shoot western horse shows, rodeo photographers, dressage show photographers, eventing  and hunter/jumper photographers and many many more specialties within the realm of equine photography.

The Business of Equine Photography

We also get down to the everyday workings of what they have to do to market their businesses and generate sales. We discuss the specifics of what it takes for them to make a living at what they do. We have interviewed photographers that are strictly part time and others who have a full time career in photographing horses. Carol Walker, for example, left her full time career as a psychologist and started taking pictures of wild horse and has made a career of it. With each interview we discover more about photography, horses, customers, and capturing their attention.

Some people want to keep their photography as a personal art form and that’s fine, but for many of us, creating a business and the challenges of finding customers and clients who appreciate what we do affords us the opportunity to do more of what we love. Having a profitable business, no matter how you build it can be a lifelong learning experience just like photography and understanding horses. Having an unprofitable business can drain the life out of your photography and dominate your life. As we interview our photographers we ask about their successes and their struggles too. You can learn from their stories. It’s about making progress, not being perfect.

In the show notes we will give you links to websites and Facebook pages and any other resources that are available for more discovery.

It’s fun and interesting to discover all the ways to make money in photography and with horses. Every story is different. Your story will be different too.

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Approximately every two weeks we’ll post another podcast so that you can learn more about being an equine photographer in today’s competitive photography market. Maybe you too will find the ideas and innovations that you can apply to your photography business to bring your photography together with horses.

One of the most fun things about the business of equine photography is that you are never finished learning and improving both your photography and your products and services that come together into an equine photography business. Please join us in this lifelong learning experience that is photography and equine photography.

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