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We are asking each guest to consider if they have something they would like to give our listeners. We are still looking for several sponsors for the show to help with the various expenses associated with doing this two times per month. That includes our time, media hosting band width, website hosting, editing an more.

In addition we have the Tip Jar. If you appreciate our project and you find the information helpful to your business, we hope that you will enter a tip of $1, $2, $5 per month in the automated tip jar as your endorsement of what we are doing.

The Equine Photographers Podcast monthly letter

The delivery of our BONUS information will be through our monthly letter. Join our list and you will receive a letter from us about once per month telling about the bonus offering and about the upcoming podcast episodes.

Bonus from Scott Trees

BONUS from Scott Trees: Scott Trees is offering a 15% discount on any purchase of online training from his website. We will have the discount code and a link to his offerings in the next letter.

Bonus from Lynne Glazer

In addition with our interview with Lynne Glazer, coming up soon, she has given us a copy of the price card that she hands at at the Tevis and the many other endurance rides that she photographs. She want to encourage people to consider photographing rides as she does currently because she has a horse that she wants to ride endurance. She hopes to raise up photographers so that she will be able to get good quality ride photos when she participates with her horse in these unique and challenging competitive horse activity.

We will be going back to our earlier guests to see if they have anything they would like to offer something to you as well.

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Bonus from Peter

I am posting this with Christmas just around the corner. Here in Dayton, Ohio the weather man is saying that Christmas might be in the 60s. Gigi is in Colorado and has already had some significant snow fall with the fun of photographing horses in the snow. Here is a little bonus from me. This is a post on my photography website about how to take better snow pictures and how to avoid the Grey snow underexposed images that will result if you have your camera on auto without any adjustments.

Taking better pictures in SNOW


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