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Continuing education is characteristic of all professionals

Today I was at a board meeting for our local affiliate to PPA. We were discussing the fact that continuing education is a part of most vocations. So, I have to update our website so that instead of talking about monthly meetings, we are talking about continuing education for professionals. It was a good discussion and it made me think about the Equine Photographers Podcast.

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  • The Equine Photographers Podcast is a portion on your curriculum for continuing education about your profession.

What are some others?

  • Local and state and national conventions for photographers
  • Online Creative Live type venues
  • EPNet workshops and meet ups
  • Online groups that challenge you to grow (not just places that you can gossip about clients and other photographers)
  • Meeting with other individual photographers for portfolio reviews or mentoring sessions in person or on skype

So, what are you doing as continuing education for your Equine Photography Business? Use the comment form below to talk about some of the ways that you find most effective to get you outside your comfort zone and into the growth zone. I’m looking forward to see what you share:

Equine Photographers Podcast