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Amazing traffic through this website about horses

The Equine Info Exchange is just now over a year old and yet it has grown exponentially in both the amount of information that is there in the level of online traffic it generates. What I would give for a small piece of the traffic that goes through there.

Photographers can post a free listing HERE

I found this a couple weeks ago, actually I found it a long time ago because my listing is on there, but I was just thinking that if you are an equine photographer you might want to get your free listing up on their photographers page. It lists by STATE throughout the USA and the world. I’ll be using it to find some more photographers that I want to interview for this podcast.

They have a Facebook page of course and a twitter account. Go check it out and get your free listing.

Anything we can do to help people find equine photographers is something I want to encourage people to do. As everyone does more specialized equine photography work it raises the tide for all of us because people will realize the value of seeking out a specialist, someone who knows about their breed and about how to photograph horses at their best.

Tell me below with a comment if this is helpful to you.

Thanks, Peter DeMott (equine photographers podcast co-host)

Peter DeMott Photography in Dayton, Ohio

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