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As the host of the Equine Photographers Podcast I have been making many changes to my photography website over the months as I learn more from the photographers I interview. Gigi my cohost is also finding great ideas and implementing changes in her business as new ideas are discussed.

Learn about becoming better at sales without sounding or becoming “Salesy”

This site and this podcast are about learning from each other here in the equine photography niche’.

Today I got a blog post newsletter from Sophie Callahan, who we interviewed early on. If you have not listened to her, you should go back and click on the play button. Her blog is a fun read and you can see how she engages with her prospects in a way that opens them up with doing business with her.

How to sell without pressure

Her current post is about PRICING her photography and SELLING which she says she is horrible at. Really, she says she is absolutely horrible at what she calls “selling”. However, I think what she really means is that she is adverse to “pressure selling” of any sort. I would encourage you to read and sign-up for her blog (email subscription available).

Pricing and selling your work – CLICK HERE – to read Sophie’s blog post.

Here is her podcast episode as well – CLICK HERE – for podcast

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