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We’d love your feedback via comments below or emails direct to us through the contact page about how you think we are doing.

Early this week I called Blubrry who hosts our media feed for the show. They have a podcast about podcasting and they decided to put me on their show just to talk about some of the things that are happening in podcasting.

Did you know there is a dashboard convention? Well, there is and people from all over the world come to look at and discuss car dashboards. Apparently integrating podcasts and people’s cell phones and music libraries from iTunes and other directories is a hot topic. Who knew?

I asked about how they thought our podcast was doing!

We have over 2000 downloads of episodes now. I asked how that sounded and she explained that there are podcast that have 100 or 200 downloads after a much longer time period (like a year perhaps). So, although we are not NPR with millions of downloads and listeners to all their brands, we are making progress in the right direction and are doing much better than many.

Your help to spread the word about the podcast

In addition several people have been willing to share their thoughts at iTunes about the show with what I feel are glowing reviews. If you would like to add your comments to iTunes RATE AND REVIEW click here, then click on view in iTunes: Rate and Review The Equine Photographers Podcast . Ratings and reviews help keep the Equine Photographers Podcast on the map with iTunes and could be seen by thousands of people considering if they will subscribe.

One comment was from an illustrative photographer who said some of the hints and tips for small businesses are great for ALL photographers, not just equine photographers.

SHARE on Facebook

When there was a discussion about portraits with horses on a portrait photographers group, I shared a link to the podcast. Don’t feel afraid to post a link on your photography groups. Those who are interested will check it out. Others will just pass it by.

I shared it on the Professional Photographers of Ohio Facebook Group and several people LIKED it and made comments. So, Gigi and I would love you to share the episodes that you enjoyed most with all your photographer friends and in any groups you might be in.

Oh, and if you have not discovered GROUPS on Facebook your should check them out and even consider starting one. If you want to know more about them, I manage 2 and help with a 3rd with no trouble at all. There are many horse owner groups that can be focused on a specific area of the country that you might want to join and post examples of your work. And, if there is not one in your area, perhaps you could be the person to start one.

OUR LIST – Will you join?

Gigi is working on an email newsletter and well be working on ways to reward people who will sign up on our list. When we get sponsors for the podcast we will encourage them to give special offers to our list participants. In addition we will be asking our guests if there is something they would like to offer.

So join the list now, before you forget. OUR LIST  It’s a MailChimp list and every time you get an email from us, you can easily unsubscribe if we become a bother. I don’t see that happening. Gigi is putting together the first email to go out the first week of December or so and then about ONE per month to start with.

Please post a comment or two at the bottom of this post. The posts have to be approved (so that we don’t get spammed), but as soon as I see your comment, I will approve it.

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