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Just as there is much change going on in the photography world, and there is always some unpredictability in life in general, I have a lot going on in my life these days. Keeping to the schedule of publishing a podcast on the 1st and 15th of each month is proving to be very difficult.

One podcast with a photographer here talked about her need to have a pacemaker installed when she collapsed at a horse show. I know other photographers who have recently lost a parent and there are no guarantees of what tomorrow will bring. It is important to live your life today and enjoy the people in your life while you can. Of course that does not mean you should not plan. In the Bible there is a verse that talks about planning your life and future. It says that when you plan you should say, “if the Lord allows.”

In my case, I am now a year out from a heart incident. I have two stents that are in the artery called “the widow maker”. My older brother died of a heart attack when he was 59 and I had my incident when I was 59 as well. Next up, we gained temporary custody of our grand-daughter because of some bad things going on in her life. A couple of weeks ago, the courts gave us permanent guardianship so…….. we are parents all over again. Here is a photo my wife just sent me. It said, “we are ready for summer.”


Our little “Layla bug” is 4 years old as of this writing. She will be growing up in a home in the country, with two Arabian horses and two dogs. Grandma is a teacher and has the summer off for gardening, riding, endurance riding, swimming lessons, swinging and playing in the sandbox among other things.

DSC_3922  DSC_3912  DSC_3865

We are making adjustments in our lives and I continue to do very well in my advertising sales job. I have a photography studio and I am planning on shooting more horse events (endurance rides, local small horse shows) throughout the summer.

But, staying on a podcast publication schedule is just not happen’n and I wanted to let you know.

I do plan to continue with TWO per month, so stay subscribed. They will come. Just that they may not arrive on the 1st and the 15th of each month. I’m sure you understand.

Sincerely Peter DeMott

Equine Photographers Podcast