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Hi everyone,

After 15 years of a flooded basement every spring I finally coughed up the cash to do some de-watering of  the basement of our restored 1913 farmhouse in Germantown, Ohio. Jack hammering, banging, and other noises were coming up through the house as the German Baptist crew worked to add drainage tubing around the inside floor along the walls of a half of my basement. Everything, sump based and drainage tile is now covered and seems to be working great.

Needless to say, the noise and dust were not conducive to recording a podcast interview.


Gigi emailed me hoping that all was well and I told her that I had one podcast in the hopper with the sound editor. Last night it arrived and I stayed up till 12:30AM because I just thought I needed to get it out to all you faithful listeners. It may have some typos. I’ve asked Anna to send me anything she finds so that I can update the show notes with any needed corrections. She may send me some additional images as well or replacements. If you as a listener find some typos or grammatical errors, please send me what you find so I can correct it and post an update. I appreciate you.

I have two more equine photographers lined up for interviews. I am excited about both as I am sure they will both have many interesting insights and procedures that can benefit you as a listener of the Equine Photographers Podcast. Stay tuned and please use the SHARE buttons at the bottom of the show notes page which listed the podcast for listening as well. Please spread the podcast to your equine photographer friends.

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Much appreciated, Peter DeMott, your host.

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