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Each time we do a podcast with another equine photographer we hear one or two innovations

As we talk with the photographers we discover small innovations in either how they take their pictures or how they talk with clients or many, many, other things. It’s not that they do more or less of something, it is that they do something differently with massive different results.

Listen specifically for what small changes you can make that might make a big difference

As you listen to our podcasts, consider what it is that these photographers are doing differently than you and how things might be different for your business if you changed that one little thing. Will it increase the quality of the products you are offering? Will it increase your average orders by 20% per order? Maybe 700%. Take the challenge to give something different a try in your business.

Peter DeMott Photography   Peter DeMott Photography3   Peter DeMott Photography2

These three images were made with light posing instruction. Just touching the horse create connection that was not there with it. Showing the bond between horse and rider is one of the challenges for equine portrait photographers.

What small changes can we make in this podcast for you, to make it better for you and make you want more

Today, I was listening to a podcast about internet businesses. They changed one small thing. They decided to add short audioblogs to their regular podcasts. These are short podcasts of 3-5 minutes each which they are dropping in-between their regular longer podcasts. Suddenly their subscriptions increased by over 50%. So, what do YOU think. Should we give that a try here on the equine photographers podcast?

Give us your thoughts

Tell Gigi and me below how we can make this podcast better for you, our listeners. Use the comment feature below to tell us how we can improve for you.

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