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Peter here.   🙂  Happy New Year

I have a big question for you (seriously, think about this if you haven’t already)…

What are you going to do DIFFERENTLY to make 2016 your best year ever?

Resolutions are great.  But it’s really, really hard to create lasting change and improvement in your business or your life without one very important thing…


Honestly, if you’ve made New Years’ resolutions in the past but failed to stick with them (and who hasn’t, right?), chances are you probably had an accountability problem.

If there’s no one holding you accountable to change your life or launch that business or reach your dreams, it’s MUCH harder to make it happen… almost impossible, actually.

So, do it differently this next year… find someone to hold you accountable.

If you would like to see significant progress in your goals and plans for 2016 consider investing in accountability through our mentor program. Click here to find out more about Mentoring .

(I am using these thoughts about accountability with permission from Tara at 8 Minute Millionaire

Here’s one thing you can do for starts:

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