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Today’s internet presents lots of issues with our photography businesses, but as equine photographers there may be unique concerns.

Some people with no scruples steal our photography using screen grabs. I’ve seen people putting their horses up for sale and using images clearly marked PROOF on their Facebook pages for promotion. Along with the fact that people already need to be very careful when purchasing a horse, buying a horse from someone who steals seems like a not very good idea. Using stolen images to promote a horse for sales seems rather stupid for a seller in any case, but it still happens almost regularly. How should one deal with people like that? How does an attorney fit in?

As photographers going to people’s stables or farms to take pictures of their horses, what should I be aware of as a photographer. Is there value in having liability releases in my paperwork? What should those look like and how important is it to discuss all this with my client before they sign something?

I have an attorney who I will interview for the podcast soon, but I would like YOUR INPUT with some questions that you want answered. Questions about types of business to set up, various types of releases, what you can do with the images that you take, how you can protect yourself, etc. etc. etc.

Click on the COMMENT at the bottom of the page and send me a list of one or two questions pressing on your mind. Tacking down an attorney with practical answers may be difficult, but I am going to do my best.

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