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Richard Horst is a nature and equine photographer who manages a ranch where ranches are described in hundreds of acres and he has consciously chosen to bring his family and live where the pace of life is different and the love of horses and nature can be expressed in his heart and through photography which he can share with everyone.



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How did Richard get involved with horses?

Grew up back East around Arabian horses. His grandfather had horses, and at his home with his sisters she had two horses, but Richard was not happy about having horses because he had to take care of them for his sister every morning.

Not until Wyoming did he start to enjoy horses again. He appreciated that horses could take him to places nobody else could see. Then he and his wife and family moved to manage another ranch in Montana. He manages the largest herd of Rocky Mountain horses in the world. He learned to depend on horses when out in the wild. Working together and trusting each other was important.

Where did his interest in photography start?

Richard got into photography in high school. He took pictures and processed in the unused bathroom in the basement of his parents house. Peter explains that this is just how he started as well.

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While leading various horse packing trail adventures for the people coming to the Wyoming guest ranch Richard took lots of point and shoot images throughout the rides. Richard’s wife pushed him to do something with photography rekindling his passion for photography that was dormant for some time. After moving to Montana, he had a little more time and invested in better equipment.

He would like to have harder criticism on Horse Photo Critique group on Facebook. People are too nice. I want to improve more.

Has a nature photographers “look” to his work.

Richard has won some international photo competition with a picture of this daughter in the middle of nowhere with 3-4 horses and expansive rolling hills in the background.

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We discussed and debated about being a 1/3 time photographer or full-time.

Jumping in with both feet

Richard announces that he is the OP “official photographer” for the Colorado Horse Expo. A discussion of on site sales and his need for second shooters. He also needs people to organize viewing and handle sales while he shoots all day long. Without on site sales it is likely that sales will be lacking. Needs price sheets, order forms, and promotion to get riders to come and see the images.

We will email him with some event photographers to consult with.

Which way will Richard go in his photography business as it comes together?

What do I do next? Gigi explains that it is interesting to be talking to someone on the cusp of building into a business. You must take the right steps at the right time according to some people who Richard has spoken with in the area of nature photography.

Will Richard migrate toward horse events or toward nature photography?

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